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Ctrl+Z’s “Geodesic Geometries” training workshops are directed to all those who, by necessity or curiosity, want to know the constructive systems based on geodesic geometry and learn to build structures and habitable spaces from them.

The workshops can be developed at different levels and be taught in university environment, aimed for their students, as well as in private locations for system’s enthusiasts or people who want to approach them.

The theoretical program of the workshops covers the historical and mathematical aspects related to the topic with the aim of providing the assistants with the necessary knowledges to design structures similar to the one to be built during the practical part of the activity.

It is preferred to avoid mockups or models and we aspire that the constructive objective is always a real-scale structure so that attendees can face the same challenges they will find when building their home, office, greenhouse, ect…how to build a zome

The basic workshop can be expanded, depending on its duration, enriching the agenda to cover related arguments such as passive energies, renewable energies, recycling and conversion of materials, and to present a wider picture that will make it possible to rethink the way to imagine the spaces aruoud us and the local production of energy.

The objectives of each workshop are articulated and calibrated starting from the needs, possibilities and aspirations of the organization and the time available for its development.

Ctrl+Z’s experience has been forged in more than 20 real projects selfbuilt with those techniques in different parts of the world. hey have been implemented using very disparate materials, from wood to iron, from bamboo to pvc. Sets based on the sphere, as well as Zomes or other more peculiar geometries, have been produced.

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Children’s version of “Geodesic Geometries” workshop follows the same guidelines aimed for children’s real involvement and empowerment in the processes of production and assembly of the structures.

That’s why we do not present a mounting kit prepared in advance with difficult access means (cad design, laser cutting or cnc milling machinery), but the raw materials, tools and training required to execute the taskss for the construction of the proposed structures.

Children are endowed of an active role and execute the operations of preparing the pieces, assemble the modules and build the structure under the supervision of the tutors.

The contents of the theoretical program, as well as the objectives and construction dynamics, are adapted to the age group of the participants, tutors number and available time.

For many years we have researched on systems that allow simplification in the construction of habitable geodesic structures. The different teaching and constructive experiences carried out with children without any incidence demonstrate that a good planning and design allows people without prior training to participate as protagonists in the construction of apparently very complicated structures.

The success of these initiatives validates the technology transfer protocols that Ctrl+Z has developed on these constructive systems and for all types of publics in recent years.
Some examples:

learn to build geodesic domeJoaquín Romero Murube Highschool (Seville) – October 2016

As a first stage of the Sorbole project, a Geodesic Geometries workshop directed to the Learning and Performance Improvement Programmes (Pmar) Murube’s pupils was organized.

This was possible thanks to the availability and collaboration of the teachers responsible for the programs with which we adjusted the contents to be used to calibrate them correctly at the pupils level.

Once again we decided to rely on light, easy-to-transport elements which preparation requires simple and repetitive operations and that do not require the use of auxiliary means or specific tools, particular skills or physical strength, thus allowing children to participate as protagonists in all the stages of the process.

geodesic goemetry workshop
I Architecture Biennale of Lyon (Lyon) – June 2017

During the day following the opening of the exposition, a workshop for the children of the “LesArchiMinots” Association (LAM), that came for it form Marseilles, was organized.

LAM’s young citizens joined others who walked in the “Confluence” and decided to hang out with us to cut and prepare the necessary pieces to assemble together a geodesic sphere.

This after being carried by its young authors along the outer areas of the Sucrerie, Biennale’s headquarters, was exposed in the interior exhibition demonstrating the excellent work and what can be achieved by giving space and relying on younger members of the society.

At the same time, it corroborate the need and opportunity for simpler designs and technology transfers protocols, and that those can be appropriate even for children.

For more information about the workshops, please write us: Contact
Courses may be provided in Spanish, English or Italian.

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