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Self construction building geodesic workshop

We like to articulate our workshops so that they can develop with a double reading discourse.

The first, most obvious, it’s the strictly teaching in which the proposed didactic plan is developed to reach the established target.

The second, with an even more severe training, starts exactly when the regulated activity ends.

We can really say that true learning does not end, but begins, when regulated activity ends, since participants are invited to try to use acquired knowledge and the produced prototypes in the real world.

“Jaulas Abiertas” University in Transition

In October, at the end of the workshop Escala Local, not finding immediately an initiative to donate the control zeta lowtech recycled architecture ctrl+zproduced structures, we bring them back to Sevilla with us.

As promised, indeed, we were interested in donating the structures to some initiative that could put them in value and be benefited by them. We aspired to find it in Malaga to give the opportunity to those students involved in their creation to continue their commitment and the journey started in the workshop, it would furthermore enhance their contact with social initiatives, that are developing in their environment and of which at the time they had no record, possibly to start collaborating with them.

So we established contact with “Jaulas Abiertas Universidad en Transición” an association with pedagogical purposes open to teachers and students and related to the University of Malaga. Jaulas Abiertas has an outdoor classroom for not regulated educational activities and workshops, and an urban garden.

Immediately we felt close to their proposals and they accepted our approach that was not limited to find an the way to convert the structures into an useful and functional equipment to the garden’s program, but conceive them, before all, as a tool for the development of the involved students, whom would have to realize the adaptation project of the existing structures to the demands of the association in collaboration with Ctrl+Z.
They understood that this goal deserved to wait the time required for student to organize a project of limited size, but in many cases their first real project.

In February, at the end of the winter, different working days for the preparation of the base and of the surrounding environment and a specific day for the assembly and installation of the dome were organized and developed with the participation of many volunteers.


We try to take seriously the sustainability and coherence in all phase of the processes in which we engage. Workshops and training activities are no exception, although the knowledge’s transfer is the main objective of these activities, we try to find the way to make possible to activated and endow a sense to the “physical products” to support a worthy activity.

Those materials and workhours involved should not be “non-returnable”, but they should be offered to the service of society. Thanks to our deep belief on the need for all that, we have found a way to retrain them in a greenhouse for an urban garden linked to a more articulate ecological and educational project.

As a result we expect that new activities will be developed in future with the Jaulas Abiertas association and with the students involved.

We believe that this is the best way to close successfully the educational circle started with the workshop, to valorize its results, create community and contacts with related initiatives and of course have fun!

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Self construction geodesic domes recycled materialscontrol zeta punk anarchist architecture ctrl+z ctrlzRescued Blinds Geodesic Greenhouse

ctrl+z architects how to build a geodesic domegianluca stasi ctrlz social anarchic architectureSelfconstructed geodesic dome

light selfconstructed equipment for urban gardens
This project has been developed in collaboration with the “Jaulas Abiertas Universidad en Transición” association (Pablo Torres Boza and Jochen Buchmaier and its team), and with Belen Rodriguez Heredia, Indira Estrada Vidal, Inmaculada Montilla Montilla, JuanManuel Aragon Tellez and of course Juan Navarro Diaz, “Escala Locale” workshop students who engaged fully in the whole reconversion process.

The following volunteers have participated in the assembly: Jordán Lamas Santiago,
Isabel del Mar Benítez Toledo, Pablo Cristán Domínguez, Francisco Fontiveros Becerra,
Adrian Lobillo Berenguer, Manuel Villarubia Rojano, Salvador Salgado Alcaraz,
Elena Enciso Martínez, Manuel Palma Segovia, Cristina Martínez Alcalá-Galiano,
Francisco Conejo Arrabal, María Lanzat Lanzat, Raquel Gómez Trasierra,
Andrés Arjona Cuesta, Salvador Pascual Barranquero.

A special thanks to Germán López Mena, who could not join us this time, but we have counted with him!

ctrl+z arquitectos como construir un domo geodesico

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